Sensor Beacons

BlueBound provides manufacturers, warehouses and other locations with solutions that improve operations through accurate monitoring of their assets. By better tracking their equipment and assets in real-time, BlueBound helps deliver timely information to anyone and everyone who needs to know. This effortless coordination results in better synced operations and supply chains, decreased response time to incidents, more efficient management of resources, and improved customer relations. Smart warehouse solutions – IoT for business. Imagine if you could have eyes and ears on every piece of product in your inventory, and were immediately alerted when there was any issue – time, temperature, humidity – that may cause trouble for your operation. No more finding spoiled product because a refrigeration unit failed. Get an alert as soon as the temperature reaches a dangerous level, so you can take action before a problem occurs. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons are installed in objects and locations around you. A Bluetooth beacon can tell you where any given asset is at any time, as well as give you information such as temperature and motion - just attach a beacon to an asset and monitor it. No more lost equipment. Track any asset via Gateways or Smart Devices.

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Designed specifically for low-bandwidth IoT applications—easy to deploy and at a fraction of the cost of full-feature cellular.

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Ultra-Low Power

Up to 10 years of battery life based on data requirements.

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Extensive Network

Support a vast number of devices!

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Flexible Software

Standalone web and mobile apps or API to easily integrate with other software.

Asset Tracking: "off-the-shelf" LPWAN Trackers

Battery-Powered M-IoT

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Rechargeable Battery Powered M-IoT

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Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Improve operational efficiency with advanced reports. Historical sensor data, interactive graphs and other reporting capabilities provide advanced data analysis and more efficient business planning. Advanced reporting on: trailer loading, unloading, fixed or mobile asset monitoring, temperature, motion, impact, light exposure, dwell times, asset utilization and more. What is the current condition and location? What is the history over the most recent trip? What happened yesterday? Last month? Did my cold product stay cold all the time along the whole trip? Access all this and more from the web at any time and from any internet enabled device. Search and filter by order number, carrier, or any other associated data. Share details with your team, or anyone else you like

Cellular Tag Features

Built to last many years

Affordable cost



Barometric Pressure

Battery Power Level

Light Exposure

Motion / Impact

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Bluebound has the best cost effective, turn key solution for tracking your fleet with GPS. New low power, CatIV cellular tags take the position of the trailer each hour or whenever it moves – painting a complete picture of the locations of all your assets, while conserving power so the batteries in the units can last for years before replacement.

No power required – either battery or solar

Do not require connected readers

Easy installation

Containers, Chassis, Trailers, Refrigerated Units

Asset tracking with updates multiple times per day

GPS location data

Notifications on exceptions – temperature, impact, light sensors used to detect and trigger based on your settings